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The final sale day is Thursday May 25

Fill Your Car for $600

Truck, Van or  Trailer $900

(flat fee for as much as you can fit)

Thursday 5/25 from 10-12

Remaining complete jukes


All Wallboxes

Now Just $25 each

email Sales@Jukeboxparts.comto confirm your spot

Bring a big truck, your shopping list, tools and some cash!

Location: 57 S Main St

Orange MA 01364-1227


For more sale details see: Sale Info




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So you think we're running low on parts?

Someone told me the rumors are there's nothing left at the warehouse, looks like plenty to me

With only a few weeks left to go, make plans to attend one of our remaining closing sales before all this is gone to to someone else or recycling

The below shots were taken April 25th 2017



More and slightly older general Warehouse Shots Click Here

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NSM Parts

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All Wallboxes

$25 each

Pickup only, no shipping

Tons of wallbox parts and counter mounts as well

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Remote Volume Controls




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Warehouse Pics Equipment Info Center

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What's Happening? I am retiring from the used parts business.

What about Needles4Jukeboxes.com? Needles4Jukeboxes is open for daily mail order business, I will continue to own, operate and expand that business.

What's for sale? Everything! You can buy a few items or the entire business turn-key and move it or continue on site. Our 21000+ Sq Ft building is also available for sale or rent.

How does the sale work? This is a cash and carry sale, that means you need to make arrangements to be here and pick out what you want and take it with you or make arrangements for your goods to be shipped. Gas is cheap these days, drive out. Or fly in and rent a vehicle to hold your items and drive home. Or schedule a pod or container to be here for you, pack it and fly home.

Can I buy stuff and hold it until I can arrive? Yes, specific items can be held short-term with a deposit.

What is the price for large loads, say I want to fill a certain sized container? Flat rate purchases depend on the exact size of the container and when you purchase, as mentioned at the top of the page. But you can be sure that especially for the larger buyers, the discounts will be excellent.

I'm an overseas buyer, how do I buy some parts from your sale? Its the same as for a US buyer, make arrangements to travel here. You can build a crate on site or have a container scheduled to be here when you visit.

For fly-ins there are several major airports nearby: Boston/Logan, Hartford CT/Bradley, Manchester NH and Providence RI are all within about 1-1.5 hours drive of Orange MA. Orange has two Motels and several bed and breakfast places to stay if you plan to spend a few days picking and packing.

www.Pods.com also look at www.uship.com

Are you still checking and selling small parts orders via email? Only cash and carry, few to no email parts orders will be handled from this point on. You can ask, but our regular shipping service as we've provided in the past is no longer in operation.

All sales are final, no returns/exchanges

The above is just an outline, I'm sure many buyers will have more questions and I'll be able to answer them much more specifically. It all starts with an email


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57 S. Main St

Orange, Mass. 01364-1227 USA

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57 S Main St

Orange MA 01364-1227

 Visit my other sites: Needles4jukeboxes.com,Needles4turntables.com 


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