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The Final Sale Has Been Extended, but it won't last to much longer!

Turn-outs have been great and since everyone is having so much fun at the open houses, we've extended the sale

However, we are now entering the final days and expect to close for good in May. Last call folks!

Jukeboxparts.comhas  reopened for the last time. I am  permanently closing the used parts division in early 2017 and everythingat the Orange MA location will be sold. Save now with cash & carry package pricing on everything in the warehouse. We offer flat rate pricing forbig box trucks & shipping containers of any size, bring it, pack it full - one price. Buy a few items or the entire business. Stock up your ebay store, or just hoard the stuff.

Now is the time,  our complete inventory, a lifetime of collecting, available at once in a lifetime prices

Don't Miss Our Next Open House It May be the Last!

Next Date: Monday 4/24 from 10-12

Please email Sales@Jukeboxparts.comif you would like to attend 

Bring your shopping list, tools and some cash!

Location: 57 S Main St

Orange MA 01364-1227


For more sale details see: Sale Info


Jukeboxes Wallboxes Remote Speakers Games & More Volume Controls



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Wallbox Sale!

All remaining Wallboxes $50 or less

Pickup only, no shipping

Tons of wallbox parts and counter mounts as well

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Need Wallbox Keys? Click here

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AMI 80/120/200 Wallbox Counter Mount

2 in Stock


IMG_3786.JPG (116014 bytes)  IMG_3787.JPG (273939 bytes)


Most Include wall mounting bracket

5 in stock


DCP00214.JPG (109041 bytes)

WRA Wallette

200 select fits JAL and later models

Quantity in Stock

IMG_4076.JPG (122450 bytes)

CGA -CGC Stepper 

Fits all search units with side connector $85

IMG_4054.JPG (359048 bytes)

R84-Early R88 with #8870 CCC $85





SC Consolette 160 Selection Wallboxes

Used with LPC-1 thru LS-2 Models

IMG_5046.JPG (23146 bytes)  IMG_5048.JPG (25433 bytes)  IMG_5703.JPG (82991 bytes)  IMG_5712.JPG (110888 bytes)


Stepper Units for Supporting wallboxes

IMG_4059.JPG (330106 bytes)

RCSU 4 / 5 $75

Fits LPC-1 & LPC-480

IMG_4060.JPG (333250 bytes)

SSU 2/3 $85

Fits PFEA & SS160

IMG_4061.JPG (160526 bytes)

SSU4 fits LS1& LS2  $85

IMG_4056.JPG (280144 bytes)  IMG_4057.JPG (285588 bytes)

SRTI fits LS-3 thru STD-4 $90

Permits use of SC wallbox on Gary box machines 


For use with 3W1, 3W100 & 3WA series $35

IMG_3895.JPG (126518 bytes)


Use with SC wallbox $35

IMG_3894.JPG (260971 bytes)

PSS1 $35



DEC "Digital Electronic Consolette"

Used with LS-3 thru STD-4 models

DCP01981.JPG (31494 bytes)  IMG_5786.JPG (112054 bytes)

Available in various finishes


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57 S Main St

Orange MA 01364-1227

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