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Jukeboxparts.com is closed for the summer

Our Final Sale Coming Sept 6th - Dec 15th

Jukeboxparts.com will reopen from Sept 6ththrough Dec 15th for the last time. I ampermanently closing the used parts division and everything will be sold by years end. Save big with cash & carry package pricing on everything in the warehouse. The early birds will get the best selection, the late comers the best pricing, you decide how long to wait. Bundle pricing for car or pickup loads, flat rate pricing for box trucks, pods & shipping containers of any size, bring it, pack it full - one price. Buy a few items or the entire business warehouse and all. Stock up your ebay store, or just hoard the stuff. Now is the time,  our complete inventory, a lifetime of collecting, available at once in a lifetime prices.

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AMI NSM Rockola Rowe Seeburg Wurlitzer Other Makes


Parts for AMI/Rowe Jukeboxes

bulletI stock thousands and thousands of parts and pieces, from the smallest items like buttons, motors and trim to complete mechs and cabinets.
bulletSee these pages for more info on Inquiring about or ordering parts or shipping.


Sorry no players for the CD100 series.

Current inventory of Rowe/AMI Jukeboxes being parted out

bullet8x JAL/JEL
bulletJBM 100
bullet2x JBM 160
bullet5x JBM 200
bullet6x JAN
bullet5x JAO
bullet2x CMM 1
bullet2x MM 1
bullet6x MM 2
bullet6x MM 3
bullet4x MM 4
bullet2x MM 5
bullet3x MM 6
bullet6x TI 1
bullet2x TI 2
bullet3x R 74
bullet3x R 80
bullet3x R 81
bulletRI 1
bullet2x RI 2
bullet4x R 82
bullet5x R 83
bullet5x R 84
bulletR 85
bullet3x CTI 2
bullet4x R 86
bullet3x R 88
bullet3x R 89
bullet4x R 90
bullet2x R 91
bullet3x R 92

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Below are just a few of the parts I have in stock for Rowe Jukes

Parts in this table are common to all JAL thru R-83 models

IMG_3825.JPG (50266 bytes)

Sprag Gear $25

IMG_3827.JPG (136681 bytes)

3 Versions of the same gear.

Front Magazine Drive Gear


IMG_3826.JPG (38275 bytes)

Rear Magazine Drive Gear


IMG_3871.JPG (75064 bytes)

Gripper Bow Drive Gear $20

Available in metal or Plastic

IMG_3860.JPG (109640 bytes)  IMG_3861.JPG (102960 bytes)

Search Unit Circuit Board, New Original $75

Click here to order http://www.needles4jukeboxes.com/driveline_parts.htm

Fits some JBM, Most JAN/JAO and all MM1 - R80

IMG_3865.JPG (121024 bytes)

Gripper Bow - Transfer Arm  $65

IMG_4075.JPG (166259 bytes)

Here's an interesting item:

Rowe Cash door alarm $45

Fits most late 60's-mid 70's models

IMG_3863.JPG (309636 bytes)

Tone Arm Trip 

"Reed" Switch $25


Parts for R84-R94 models

Gas cartridges to support the lid on all Rowe models from the R84 thru CD100G

Click this link to view my complete gas spring inventory


Sprag/Magazine Motor $60

Lock Solenoid $25

$70 for the assembly

Transfer Motor $60

Used Turntable Motor Assembly $45

IMG_3867.JPG (100391 bytes)

Two Versions of the same gear

Sprag (magazine) Drive Gear $30


IMG_3864.JPG (89398 bytes)

Tone Arm Trip Board / Reed Switch 


New Turntable Motor $55

IMG_3870.JPG (76164 bytes)

Gripper Arm Side Gears $25 pair

IMG_3868.JPG (80801 bytes)

Tone Arm Cam $35

Cam follower pawl (New) $5

IMG_3869.JPG (109374 bytes)

Gripper Bow/Arm (New) $40

IMG_3234.JPG (27411 bytes)

New original 4-07101-03 Driver Board

Fits 6-09931 Series 130 Watt Amps

$50 Each / $85 pair 


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