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This page contains an outline of my sales and service polices.

Overall Parts & Equipment Policy

bulletDue to the nature of used parts and equipment, I do not offer any type of warranty or guaranty. This also applies to parts and equipment sold in "Known Working" condition. 
bulletParts and equipment are purchased and used at the buyers risk.
bulletDurfee Coin-op is not responsible in any way for any and all damages that may occur from any part, item or equipment sold.
bulletVintage parts and equipment are unpredictable due to their mechanical nature. It is the buyers responsibility to insure their condition to be safe and reliable before putting any item or equipment into use.
bulletIt's also the buyers responsibility to perform any and all required service or repairs to bring such items to safe operational status, BEFORE putting them into service.
bulletAll parts and equipment are sold as-is. Always assume they are a starting place for your repairs and will need reconditioning before use.
bulletThe terms "Complete" or "Whole" are relative, they are meant to imply a basically intact unit, but by no means to infer completeness of 100% on any item. Old jukeboxes and equipment are by nature typically missing something and often several items. This is the nature of old & used parts and machines.
bulletWhat does it all mean? It means that all sales should be considered final.

Electrical / Electronic items

bulletElectrical / Electronic goods are sold "AS-IS" and cannot be returned. 
bullet Motors (except animation), coils, relays and transformers are checked for basic operation before shipping.
bulletAnimation motors are sold completely as-is.
bulletMotors are tested to be operational and for normal current draw. Specific RPM is not checked or guarantied.
bulletSpeakers are tested under light load only. They are not guarantied at jukebox volumes.
bulletI do not test or service amplifiers, receivers, tormats, black boxes or other such goods before they are shipped. Only the transformers are tested.
bulletIf an item needs repair or service, that responsibility falls to the purchaser. Even if an item is sold as "known working" it does not carry any guaranty. 
bulletCartridges are tested before shipment, you will not receive a DOA
bulletTubes are not included except in some cases with complete jukeboxes.


bulletMistakes, we all make them. They say it's part of the human experience, being imperfect, to err is to be human. Well I don't know about all that, but I do know that I make mistakes every day whether I need to or not.
bulletIf you should receive an item you believe is incorrect or defective, don't panic, don't get upset, just contact me calmly and we'll work out a solution. I think you'll find me to be fair.
bulletIf the reasonability of a mistake falls to me, rest assured I will do all that is reasonably possible to make things right.
bulletAlso keep in mind that it is your responsibility to be sure you are supplying accurate information, and that the item ordered will correct the diagnosed problem. I'm happy to correct my mistakes at my expense, but probably won't be quite so willing for yours.


bulletAll returns or exchanges must be pre-approved, made within 30 days of purchase, complete and in original as-shipped condition, with a copy of the credit card slip.
bulletReturns that do not meet these parameters will either not be accepted or will be subject to a pro-rated refund amount..
bulletThere is a 15% restocking fee ($10 min) on all returns that meet the above parameters, except for in-house mistakes (no charge if within 30 days).
bulletShipping charges are non-refundable.
bulletYou are responsible for returned items. Please be sure to insure and carefully re-pack goods.
bulletElectronic / Electrical items are non-returnable/exchangeable.

Cosmetic Items

bulletButtons and title holders: Expect color variation. All plastic fades and yellows at different rates. Typically I can get close, hopefully within a few shades, but in general not perfect. If color match needs to be dead-on, make that known up front. 
bulletFlaws: When purchasing used goods, you must expect something short of perfect. I always ship my best stock on a first come, first served basis, and with the idea that something useable is better then nothing. You may inquire about better quality, but typically you received the best possible item. I price on a sliding scale, so if you received an item with flaws, I have already scaled down the amount for existing conditions.
bulletChrome trim: Pieces tend to dull and pit at different rates. I always send the best condition piece/s I have.
bulletAluminum trim: polished or anodized aluminum has it's own issue's, it fades, dulls and gets scratched easily. It's nearly impossible to find prefect or anything even close in aluminum trim. Dome frames are especially difficult items to find without scratches, nicks or a broken corner screw, expect flaws. If your fussy, make it known.
bulletGlass: Glass with silk-screened artwork tends to yellow and sometimes slightly fade. It also lifts, flakes and gets scratched, I try to described each piece as best as possible, but you should expect some small flaws.
bulletPlastics: As with the above items, you can expect some color variation. Plastic, and especially early pieces tend to wrap and /or shrink slightly. Expect some variation from piece to piece.
bulletAll in all, what you receive will be the best product I have on hand at the moment. As with all used items, there are going to be subjective opinions, but overall I will only ship what I feel is decent and useable.

Damaged items

bulletIf you should receive a damaged item, notify Durfee Coin-op immediately (Within 5 business days of receipt)Until you have done this, do nothing else. 
bullet Damaged goods cannot be returned nor claims filed until Durfee Coin-op has been notified. 
bulletReturn of damaged items is required in most cases.
bullet Durfee Coin-op will handle any and all processing of claims with UPS.
bulletYou must retain all packaging and packing materials.
bulletFailure to follow this procedure will make you ineligible for a refund / replacement.
bulletAll items shipped with UPS are insured automatically, but this does not guaranty UPS will pay for damages. Technically speaking they offer extended coverage, but not guarantied payment and are very difficult to collect from.
bulletAll and any refunds will be issued upon completion of the claims process. This may take several weeks in some cases and always requires customer involvement.
bulletDue to some recent developments with UPS, refunds, even for fully insured items such as large & oversized, awkward, fragile and delicate items are no longer always possible with the standard packing processes I use. To be sure of insurance collection specialty packing crates are a must for items such as large dome glasses (especially curved glass) or oversized parts and pieces. If you chose standard packing, you may not receive a refund for a item damaged in transit.
bulletItems shipped with the post office are not automatically insured. If you don't specifically request insurance, it will not be included. Customers outside the US take note! No insurance, no coverage.
bulletDamage claims with the US Postal service will be handled by the customer.

Items, Parts & Services we don't offer

bulletCash doors do not include locks or keys
bulletCabinet locks do not include keys. If you need a key see http://www.needles4jukeboxes.com/jukebox_keys.htm
bulletCartridges do not include needles  If you need needles see http://www.needles4jukeboxes.com/jukebox_needles.htm
bulletI do not offer any repair or rebuilding services
bulletI only sell parts for jukeboxes
bullet I am not a tech help support line. I cannot and will not try to diagnose your jukebox troubles. If time permits, a little advice maybe now & then...
bulletFor help with repair services, new parts or non-jukebox parts please click to my Links page

Jukeboxes, Wallboxes and other "Whole" Equipment

bulletI do not guaranty the operational status of Jukeboxes, Wallboxes, Remote Speakers or other "Complete or Whole" Equipment.
bulletThis applies to all equipment. Whether sold in "working" or "as-is" condition, it does not carry any type of warranty/guarantee. 
bulletThe terms "Complete" or "Whole" are relative, they are meant to imply a basically intact unit, but by no means to infer completeness of 100% on any item. Old jukeboxes and equipment are by nature typically missing something and often several items. This is the nature of old & used parts and machines.
bulletDue to the Rube Goldberg nature of Electro-Mechanical equipment, it's tendencies to side with Murphy's Law, coupled with shipping and it's bumps and vibrations, I cannot offer any such guaranties. 
bulletI do not offer repair or restoration services. Most machines are not tested or even plugged in. Time does not permit me to check each and every machine. In some cases, common sense prevents it...
bulletThis is a wholesale operation. To offer the lowest prices, machines are sold with as little involvement as possible. I cannot offer the amenities of a retailer and sell at wholesale. 
bulletIf your not a do-it-yourself type person or don't have a local mechanic, this may not be the place for you to buy such equipment. You're probably getting the point by now...

Overall service policy


If you have a problem with a part please feel free to contact me. I am here to help and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. I am always happy to work with my customers to overcome problems, "Within Reason".


Please try to be nice, I'll do my best to return the favor.

Jukeboxes, Jukebox parts and their related items are all we do, and what we do best! Try us and you'll see.

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