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The final sale day is Thursday May 25

Fill Your Car for $600

Truck, Van or  Trailer $900

(flat fee for as much as you can fit)

Thursday 5/25 from 10-12

Remaining complete jukes


All Wallboxes

Now Just $25 each

email Sales@Jukeboxparts.comto confirm your spot

Bring a big truck, your shopping list, tools and some cash!

Location: 57 S Main St

Orange MA 01364-1227


For more sale details see: Sale Info


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The following information is provided for my customers located outside the USA.

Also visit my Policies page for more details.


bulletI offer the use of Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. You may  also use any of the following: US cash funds or wire transfer (additional fees apply).
bulletSorry, no Western Union, non-US money orders, checks or PayPal

Wire / Bank Transfers

bulletWire transfer are always welcome, my transfer information is available on a by request basis. In many cases it is the preferred method over a credit card, and is required on purchases over $500.
bulletPlease be aware, all wire transfers do incur an intermediary fee, whether your sending $50 or $5000, a fee will be charged by the bank that handles the transfer from your bank to mine.  You will need to add a slight amount to all wires to cover these fees.
bulletOn transfers for less then $500 the amount is $15, when sending amounts greater then $500, a fee of $20 is charged. The money for this fee is subtracted directly from the total you send, so be sure to include adequate funds so that the correct and full agreed amount arrives
bulletWire transfers take 3 to 7 business days to arrive.

Shipping Options

bulletThe most economical way to ship out of the USA is though the US Postal Service.
bulletUS Post - Surface: As of May 14th 2007 the US Postal service has discontinued the Surface/Economy mail option. 
bulletUS Post - First Class / Air mail:  Available on packages up to 4 pounds  weight. Expect a typical delivery time of  5 days to several weeks. Insurance and tracking are not available for Air-Mail shipping. If you select First class mail service and your order is delayed or lost there will be no tracking or insurance. The post office does not return undeliverable mail when sent first class service. You, the customer,  assume 100% of the risk in exchange for the cost savings.
bulletUS Post - Priority Mail: Available on packages up to 44 pounds, average delivery time: 5-24 days, but I have seen cases of 2 to 3 months. Insurance is available for Priority mail, tracking is automatically forwarded via email when your order is processed by the US postal service. Keep in mind, even through you receive a  tracking number, USPS does not offer real time tracking service! All Priority mail shipments include at lest some insurance, if you want your order insured in full, you must make a clear statement of request on the order form.
bulletUPS: (at roughly double the cost of the US Post) takes 2-5 days. Orders shipped with UPS can be traced quickly by phone or Internet. Take notice, UPS is very expensive, if your not ready to spend a lot of money on shipping, please don't ask for a quote.
bullet I do not third party bill UPS charges, if you would like to use your own number account to cover shipping, you must issue all paperwork and pre-paid tags.
bullet FedEx and DHL services are not available from my location. If you wish to use either of these services, you will need to make all arrangements for pick-up and make payment in advance.
bulletA slight packaging charge does apply to all orders.
bulletRead more about the US postal system and their services: http://www.usps.com/mailpro/2008/septoct/page7.htm

Insuring Shipments

bulletPackages will be insured only if requested. If you want insurance, be sure to let me know in writing when you place your order. The cost of insurance is very reasonable, around $2.50 per $100.00. 
bulletInsured amount may not exceed the actual amount declared on the customs form.
bulletThe Postal service does not offer insurance on Air Mail/First Class mail service.

Declared Amount

bulletAll sales shipped outside the USA must have a customs form attached. This form requires a description of goods and dollar amount. All items will be checked off as "Commercial Goods", listed as "Used Parts" and dollar amounts will be actual.

Damaged, Lost items and orders returned for non-receipt or non-deliverable

bulletOnce your order leaves my hands it is now the shipping agents responsibility. In the event of a loss or damage, it will be the customers responsibility to file any claims. Durfee Coin-op will not be held liable for damaged or lost goods and will be unable to help beyond offering tracking numbers or copies of customs forms. 
bullet I strongly recommend insuring orders and shipping Priority mail. This will provide a means to track a lost shipment. Without insurance, nothing can be done. Insurance is automatic with UPS.

The last word on travel times for export orders. 

Even though all export orders are shipped via airmail, and while most orders will arrive within a week or two, there are going to be cases when delivery times will run much longer. I've even had a few cases when it's taken over 3 months. The reasons for delayed and returned shipments are typically incorrect or incomplete addresses or very often the customs office in the customers own country. What can do done about this? Well outside of being sure you are supplying accurate information or writing your government, not very much.

When placing your order understand that once I hand your goods over to the postal service I have no control over when it will arrive. There is no way to track airmail packets, and even the tracking for priority mail isn't very good. There's just no way for me or anyone to know when your order will arrive. These are just the simple facts (and risks) of export shipping. If your not comfortable with them, then I'd say either upgrade to the next level of shipping or simply don't place the order.  

On the other hand, these problems are actually quite rare. In over 20 years of shipping parts I've never had an order lost. So far they have all surfaced at some point. But I feel it's only fair that I explain the facts before you make your purchase with me.

So if your order takes longer then you would like, please try to be patient. I've done all that is possible to get your goods to you quickly, and now all you can really do is wait, wait and wait a little more.

An outline of typical delivery times by Country/Region

Canada: 5-18 days typical, delays are rare.

UK: 5-21 days typical, but England is also the most problematic for address problems causing delayed and returned orders. Extended delivery times are possible, but not as a rule.

France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and surrounding Western European area, Few problems, 5-21 days typical, Occasional customs delays in France.

North countries (Sweden, Iceland, Finland and so on): Few problems, 5-21 days typical.

Mediterranean: (Spain, Italy, Greece) Expect slow delivery, while many orders have arrived within 2 weeks, it's not uncommon for the customs office of these countries to cause delays of 2 to 3 months.

Western Pacific (Australia, New Zealand and Japan):  Typically very good with 5-21 days times.


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