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The final sale day is Thursday May 25

Fill Your Car for $600

Truck, Van or  Trailer $900

(flat fee for as much as you can fit)

Thursday 5/25 from 10-12

Remaining complete jukes


All Wallboxes

Now Just $25 each

email Sales@Jukeboxparts.comto confirm your spot

Bring a big truck, your shopping list, tools and some cash!

Location: 57 S Main St

Orange MA 01364-1227


For more sale details see: Sale Info


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Door to door Worldwide shipping is available at reasonable rates!



For years we've used various shipping companies, but since the price of everything has gone crazy we find that customers using Uship.com save huge dollars. Uship is something you the customer handles, but its very easy to register and use, and typically within 10-14 days of posting a shipment, most people end up with a very good rate offer. If you're thinking of buying something that requires trucking, check this option, I use it myself and found it to be great!


In the world of standard freight shipping, the below is an outline of what to expect:

Rates will very town to town and week to week depending on fuel prices and so on. The current high/low range is $290-$525 for one piece anywhere in the US-48.

bulletNationwide service
bulletCredit Cards accepted (must be pre-paid)
bulletNo crate or pallet required
bulletLift gate service standard
bulletQuantity discount, additional pieces ship for less
bulletGoods delivered right to your home



I can help arrange for shipping to just about anywhere on the planet.

A juke sold to a customer in the UK recently cost; $245 for the crate,  and $450 for surface transport from my door to the terminal in England. This price gets your crated item to customs at the port of your choice. From there you just need to complete the paperwork and pay and VAT or duty feesThe cost is very similar for most Countries in Western Europe, a little higher for Central Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Japan.

bulletDiscounts on multiple piece shipments
bulletContainer service available in either 20' or 40' sizes
bulletSurface or Air transport
bulletCustoms clearance service
bulletCrating required (add aprox $245 per crate)

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Pallets & Crates

bulletPalletizing with is available for a flat fee of $50 per pallet / juke. That includes banding and shrink wrapping the piece, but not padding or wrapping in cardboard which is available at an additional cost.
bulletCrating is available as needed. Pricing is around $200-$250 for a standard single juke. I can also pack parts and other equipment inside your crate, there is an up change for the added materials required, typically $25-$50. The extra weight Vs price increase, if any is slight.


bulletEquipment will not be released from Durfee Coin-op until payment has been made in full. This includes costs for pallets & crates.
bulletMost domestic and all international items are sent freight collect. Please be prepared to pay the driver upon receipt .

Claims, Damage & Misc

bulletIf you need a truck equipped with a lift gate or ramp for delivery, be sure to make that clear. There's nothing worse than 400 lbs. of jukebox sitting 4 feet up on the back of a truck with just you and the irritated driver to sit there and wonder.
bulletAlways ask about insurance and insured amount when contracting freight.
bulletOnce goods are excepted by the freight company, they become the liability of the transporter. If loss or damage should occur, it must be taken up with the hauler.
bulletOnce your goods leave my hands it is the customers job to stay in touch with the shipper. I will be happy to provide any contact info needed at any time before or after shipment has been picked up. You will be contacted by the shipper prior to delivery. But if you want a status report, have questions about payment, or whatever, it is your job to contact the company handling the job.
bulletPlease take time to inspect your goods before you sign the bill of lading! If there is visible damage or even suspected damage, that is the time to act! Note any damage on the Bill of Lading and have the driver sign off to confirm any outstanding conditions.

*Pricing on the page is approximated, exact pricing must be quoted on a case by case basis.

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57 S Main St

Orange MA 01364-1227

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