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The basic's of shipping for orders placed within the USA.

For customers outside the US please click to our  International page.


bulletWe ship on Monday and Thursday
bulletPriority mail is used for most small orders under 1 pound.
bulletUPS ground service is standard for almost all orders over 1 pound and orders with high dollar value.  
bulletThe minimum UPS s/h charge is $12, US Post $8.
bulletPackaging fees will apply to many orders. But most notably to large items such as glass. These fees are assessed on a by item basis and are meant to only cover the actual costs of the packaging used.  
bulletDelivery time depends on your proximity to us here in Orange, Massachusetts. For instance, if you live in the Northeast expect a delivery period of 1 to 2 business days, for the West coast 5 to 7 business days, and so on...
bulletSorry no COD's. All orders must be pre-paid, checks, money orders, cash, wire transfers and credit cards are all accepted.

In a hurry? How about something faster!

bulletUPS Overnight, 2 & 3 Day services are available upon request. (additional expense will apply)

Damaged items

bulletIf you should receive a damaged item, notify Durfee Coin-op immediately (Within 5 business days of receipt)Until you have done this, do nothing else. 
bullet Damaged goods cannot be returned nor claims filed until Durfee Coin-op has been notified. 
bulletReturn of damaged items is required in most cases.
bullet Durfee Coin-op will handle any and all processing of claims with UPS.
bulletYou must retain all packaging and packing materials.
bulletFailure to follow this procedure will make you ineligible for a refund / replacement.
bulletAll items shipped with UPS are insured automatically, but this does not guaranty UPS will pay for damages. Technically speaking they offer extended coverage, but not guarantied payment and are very difficult to collect from.
bulletAll and any refunds will be issued upon completion of the claims process. This may take several weeks in some cases and always requires customer involvement.
bulletDue to some recent developments with UPS, refunds, even for fully insured items such as large & oversized, awkward, fragile and delicate items are no longer always possible with the standard packing processes I use. To be sure of insurance collection specialty packing crates are a must for items such as large dome glasses (especially curved glass) or oversized parts and pieces. If you chose standard packing, you may not receive a refund for a item damaged in transit.
bulletItems shipped with the post office are not automatically insured. If you don't specifically request insurance, it will not be included. Customers outside the US take note! No insurance, no coverage.
bulletDamage claims with the US Postal service will be handled by the customer.