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If want to receive the correct parts,

you must supply accurate information...

In the words of the great Groucho Marx: "The lord helps those who help themselves"


Always Include the following

Jukebox Make: This would be the manufacturer: AMI, Antique Apparatus,  NSM, Rowe, Rockola, Seeburg, Wurlitzer...

Model Number: Each machine has it's own specific model number or name.

Terms such as: Select-O-Matic 100, Statesman and Tempo aren't actual model numbers and will only slow the process

If you don't know the model, look on the back of your juke,there should be an ID plate, on it there is a space with the model name (Something like: HF 100G, MM3, 1465 or E-120). Don't worry about anything else on the tag, serial numbers have no bearing, and don't bother looking inside the machine, if your juke still has it's tag, it will be on the back. If the tag is missing, send a picture of the juke and I'll ID it.  Or visit PinballRebel.com The site has a nice data base for jukes with many ID pictures and manufacturing dates.

List ofParts Needed: You must know what you need before contacting me

Include ALL of the following pieces of information:

  1. Page number
  2. Item number (this is an absolute must!)
  3. Part number 
  4. Part Name

Email your wants as a list with each item below the last, just like I have above, not in run on sentences.

And Always Include Pictures

Always, no matter what include at least one picture of the part/s you need.

Pictures are a great way to communicate, it saves time and trouble and cuts down the chance for a miss-description resulting in an incorrect item being sent. Always send a picture of each item you need. Marking the part with a circle or placing a pointing pen or finger in the shot will really help define things.

Here's a few tips: Send nice clear close-up photo's, clearly mark, circle or somehow indicate the part needed. Try not to send super high or crappy low res photo's. Hazy, low light pictures are seldom of much use. Do not send pictures as zips and in doc's.

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Need NSM Parts?

If you need parts for an NSM jukebox, please click over to the NSM page now:NSM Parts Page

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Keep emailsshort and direct: Please keep your e-mails down to just the business at hand, jukebox parts. 

I can not help you trouble shoot your juke, figure out it's current or future market value, or what this thingamajig your after is called. I work by myself and barely have enough time to handle the day to day, soplease have it all sorted out beforehand.  

Nearly all order problems are directly related to incorrect or vague customer supplied information. Take your time to investigate what's needed and accurately described each item and send clear close up pictures of the exact items.

Remember, I can't see what your working on and must rely on you.

Policies: Please review my Policies page. Know what the terms are before you buy. I have everything outlined in plain English for all to read.

Be Polite: In all cases be nice and I'll try my best to return the favor. Rude, self-important and/or ill-mannered people are not welcome here.

Remember, This Stuff is Used!The parts and equipment are dirty, greasy, out of adjustment and probably in need of some repair. I don't do that part, you do. That's what the hobby is all about, doing it for yourself. Everything I sell is usable, which is not the same as ready to use. If it needs work, and most of it does, that's your job baby.

If you're not sure, ASK! But ask before you buy.

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Other important facts


I do not offer a catalog or listing of the inventory. There's just no way possible to offer what I might have in stock for a specific machine. Every request is checked by hand one order at a time the old fashioned way.  Just submit a list of wants as detailed above. When I receive it I will check stock and get back with price & availability.

bulletIf you want a quote for shipping, be sure to include your zip code or country if outside the USA, Keep in mind that it's hard to give a quote unless I know exactly which items you will be purchasing. Weight and size make a huge difference. One item more or less can make a radical change in pricing.  Shipping quotes are approximated, expect some variation.
bulletThe minimum shipping charge for any order is currently $7

If you need records or title strips visit the Links page.


If you need needles, cartridges, light bulbs, drive belts, grommets, gas springs, wallbox or cabinet keys visit my  www.needles4jukeboxes.com site.


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YES: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You order with your card right on site. Just click the "Place an Order" button located at the top and bottom of any page. 

YES: US money order,US citizen personal check, US cash funds orbank wire transfer (fees will apply).

NO:  Western Union, PayPal, cashiers checks, non-US checks or money orders, billing or COD's. All orders must be pre-paid.

If you're mailing in payment be sure to include a note detailing your purchase and your full street address along with daytime phone. 

If you are ordering from outside the USA please read the International page. 

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